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Summaries of Recent Immigration Enforcement Reports

October 18, 2012

This document summarizes a number of reports that have been issued 2008 - 2012 by non-profit and governmental watchdog organizations documenting problems with various immigration enforcement programs.

America’s Immigration System Undermines Competitiveness

November 07, 2011

This paper explains problems caused by our broken employment-based immigration system as they concern immigrants with special skills needed by American employers. Long backlogs due to an outdated visa quota system are driving talented immigrants to our competitors. The paper contains a set of recommendations to alleviate the problems.

AgJOBS: Stabilizing the Agricultural Workforce

September 22, 2011

This one-page paper briefly makes the case for legislation called AgJOBS, which would legalize the status of agricultural workers in the U.S. It lists examples of the economic damage that is expected to take place if the undocumented workers on which our farms now depend were to be deported.

Immigration Basics 2010

June 29, 2010

This publication covers basic facts and figures on immigrants in the U.S. and a basic explanation of U.S. refugee and immigration policies.

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